Richard Horth

    Family Law Seeking Fair Resolutions to Family Law Cases    
    An experienced family lawyer knows how to bring about a successful and fair resolution to    
    family law cases, while handling each case with sensitivity and caring.    
    I understand the emotional pressures that underlie family law cases and will always strive    
    to arrive at settlements that are not only mutually agreeable, but also minimize stress for    
    everyone involved.    
    The practice of family law encompasses advice and representation on rights and obligations    
    arising from paternity, cohabitation, marriage, separation and divorce. As such, it probably     
    impacts more people than all other areas of law combined. It is necessary to know your rights to    
    meet the obligations and protect your future.    
    Whether you require an untiring advocate for your rights in custody, access, child and/or    

spousal support cases or skilled attention to property settlement matters in divorce and family

    law cases, I will assist you through challenging times in your personal life    



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