Richard Horth

    Employment Law – Safeguard Your Rights in the Workplace    
    The workplace can be a source of many concerns for employees. I can provide advice and     
    undertake legal action when your rights have been compromised in the workplace.    

I will advise clients on all aspects of corporate and employment law with a particular emphasis on

    wrongful dismissal claims, the negotiation of executive employment agreements, harassment and    
    discrimination in the workplace, pensions and benefits, employee privacy matters, occupational    
    health and safety, workplace safety and insurance (workers’ compensation) and pay and    
    employment equity matters.    
    Employment law governs the rights and obligations between employers and their employees. As    
    such, my practice encompasses the negotiation and drafting of individual employment contracts.      
    In addition, I can advise in all aspects of litigation arising from employment relationships, including    
    unlawful or wrongful dismissal actions, as well as the application of employment legislation.    
    I offer my clients up–to–date information on legislative changes in all aspects of labour and    
employment law,  as well as sound advice.



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